George Mac- Saturday


Briefing:9:00am - Saturday 17th Feb 2018
Finish:4:30pm - Saturday 17th Feb 2018

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Position Volunteer
PRO Paul Pascoe
Regatta Chairman Unassigned
Results Lesley Fasala
Yard Master Tom Jenkins
Yard Marshall (FRI) Ryan Ingram
Yard/ Beach Marshall Jim Leckey
Yard/ Beach Marshall Gary Cook
First Aid Kirsten Mitchell
Office Manager Francesco Battaglini
Registration Unassigned
Registration Jennifer Pascoe
Canteen Jacqueline Provis
Canteen Maree Ingram
Canteen Barbara Pritchard

Protest Committee

Position Volunteer
Chair John Mooney
Jury Andrew Merrett
Jury Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Tower Peter Austin
Tower David Dyring
Tower Unassigned

Alpha - Start Boat (Harry T 10mh)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Ian Mather
Race Officer Glenys Hitchens
Timekeeper Sue Leaper
Recorder Mary-Alice Tedstone
Signals Wendy Luck
Recorder Unassigned

Alpha - Finish Boat (Caledonia 44ft yacht)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Paul Jenkins
Timekeeper David Newbold
Recorder Leigh Stevens
Crew Malcolm Mitchell

Alpha - Course Boat (Rattler 6mH)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Michael Bunyard
Crew Kate Jenkins

Alpha - Pin Boat (Peter Reid 5mH)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Glenn Ferguson
Crew Glenn Norton

Alpha Rescue 2 (SYC RHIB)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Unassigned
Crew Unassigned

Alpha - Rescue 1 (SYC RHIB 1)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Unassigned
Crew Unassigned

Bravo- Start Boat (Rat Race)

Position Volunteer
Race Officer John Spencer
Timekeeper Finola Tyler
Recorder Ken Williamson
Signals Greg Ross

Bravo - Finish Boat (Redeemer 8.0mH)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain/RO Simon Tedstone
Timekeeper Sue Cassidy
Recorder Leeton Hulley
Recorder Helen Morris

Bravo - Course Boat (RB9 6.0mH)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain John Paterson
Crew Richard Vuat

Bravo-Pin Boat (Brig 5.5mH)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Oliver Strode
Crew Joel Tyler

Bravo - Rescue 1 (WBS VSR 4.9mH)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Amber Provis
Crew David De Garis

Bravo - Rescue 2 (Rodgers VSR 4.9mH)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Andrew Prest
Crew Mark Sonnemann

Media Boat (Sirocco 1)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Mark Hosking
Photographer Lucas Dunoon