Club Marine Junior & Youth Championships


Briefing:10:00am - Saturday 8th Apr 2017
Finish:5:00pm - Sunday 9th Apr 2017

Saturday 10am Volunteer Briefing. On water by 11:30am

Sunday 8:30am Volunteer briefing. On water by 9:30am

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Start Boat A - Harry T

Position Volunteer
Coxswain/Timekeeper Paul Pascoe
Race Officer Lou Hutton
Recorder (Sat) Mary-Alice Tedstone
Recorder (Sun) Fred Zappala
Signals Greg Ross

Course Boat A - RB9

Position Volunteer
Coxswain (Sat) Murray Cowdell
Coxswain (Sun) Unassigned
Crew Victoria Pryce

Pin Boat A - Peter Taylor

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Dave Suda
Crew (Sat) Ed Johnston

Safety Boat A - Mr Diz

Position Volunteer
Coxswain (Sat) Andrew Conacher
Coxswain (Sun) Unassigned
Crew (Sat) Alex Newman
Crew (Sun) Unassigned

Jury Boat A - Bill Bell

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Ben Fels
Crew Danielle Watkins

Start Boat B - Redeemer

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Ian Mather
Race Officer Simon Jackson
Timekeeper Cathy Richardson
Recorder Paul Heyes
Signals Rod Austin

Course Boat B - Rattler

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Michael Bunyard
Crew (Sat) Paul Davies
Crew (Sun) Kate Jenkins

Pin Boat B - Peter Reid

Position Volunteer
Coxswain (Sat) Nic Fahey
Coxswain (Sun) James Bolton
Crew (Sat) Brett Bowden
Crew (Sun) Jim Leckey

Safety Boat B - Hoffy

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Armando Distefano
Crew Richard Vuat

Safety Boat B - Richardson RHIB

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Stuart Richardson
Crew Dick Stephens

Jury Boat B - Sue Leaper

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Howard Elliot
Crew John Philpot

Start Boat C - MSC Start Boat

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Crawford Wintersgill
Coxswain/Timekeeper Gary Hosie
Timekeeper Martha Garkel
Recorder Malcolm Mitchell
Signals Unassigned

Course Boat C - UB19

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Glenn Ferguson
Crew (Sat) John Coates
Crew (Sun) Simon Tedstone

Pin Boat C - MSC RHIB

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Greg Gleason
Crew Martin Hinks

Safety Boat C - George Mac

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Grant Berry
Crew Christian Cantwell

Safety Boat C - VSSA

Position Volunteer
Coxswain David Green
Crew Cam Ewart

Safety Boat C - Admiral Grumpy

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Andrew Weber
Crew (Sat) David De Garis
Crew (Sun) Stan Austin


Position Volunteer
Beach/Yard Master Unassigned
Beach/Yard Marshall (Sun) Gary Cook
Beach/Yard Marshall Unassigned
Beach/Yard Marshall Unassigned

Regatta Office

Position Volunteer
Principle Race Officer Unassigned
Regatta Director David Staley
Technical Delegate Lesley Fasala
Regatta Office Manager Jennifer Pascoe
Registration Unassigned
Registration Unassigned
Registration Unassigned

Results Office

Position Volunteer
Results Manager Louise Hosie
Results Unassigned
Results (Sun) Richard Geake-Ransome

First Aid

Position Volunteer
First Aid Manager Unassigned
First Aider Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Jury Chair Unassigned
Jury Unassigned
Jury Unassigned


Position Volunteer
Safety Officer Peter Austin
Alpha Safety Unassigned
Bravo Safety David Dyring
Charlie Safety Unassigned