Etchells Victorian Championship


Briefing:10:00am - Saturday 11th Mar 2017
Finish:5:00pm - Monday 13th Mar 2017

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Start Boat - Harry Tedstone

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Unassigned
Race Officer Kevin Wilson
Timekeeper Sue Leaper
Recorder Wendy Luck
Recorder Leigh Stevens
Signals Greg Ross

Course Boat 1 - Redeemer

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Ian Mather
Navigator John Coates
Crew (Sat) Craig Dallimore
Crew (Sun) David De Garis
Crew (Mon) Unassigned

Course Boat 2 - RB9

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Murray Cowdell
Crew Michael Bunyard

Pin Boat - Cerberus

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Ross Wilson
Crew/Recorder (Sat-Mon) Deborah Lloyd
Crew/Recorder (Sun-Mon) Michelle Yan

Safety Boat - Peter Reid

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Andrew Neeson
Crew Meghan Andrew

Media Boat (Photo) - Rattler

Position Volunteer
Coxswain John Collingwood
Crew Alexandra McKinnon

Media Boat (Video) - Rat Race

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Unassigned
Crew Peter La Fontaine

Tower - Safety

Position Volunteer
Safety Officer Greg Hennessy
Safety Officer Peter Austin
Safety Officer David Dyring

Rego/Regatta Office

Position Volunteer
Registration CASSIE DIXON
Registration Jan Ferguson
Registration Susan Cassidy

Protest Committee

Position Volunteer
Chairperson Paul Pascoe
Member Danielle Watkins
Member Nadine Tietje


Position Volunteer
Reserve Kate Jenkins
Reserve Unassigned