George Mac Regatta


Briefing:9:00am - Saturday 3rd Dec 2016
Finish:5:00pm - Sunday 4th Dec 2016

A volunteer briefing will be held in the Bayview Room at 9am on Saturday and Sunday.
Pack lunches will be provided in both days for registered and allocated volunteers.

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Start Boat - Alpha

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Mark Foster
Timekeeper Unassigned
Recorder Unassigned
Signals Unassigned
Coxswain Unassigned

Course Boat - Alpha

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Unassigned
Crew Unassigned

Pin Boat - Alpha

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Unassigned
Crew Unassigned

Safety Boat - Alpha

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Unassigned
Crew Unassigned

Start Boat - Bravo (Harry T)

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Glenys Hitchen
Recorder Sat Finola Tyler
Recorder Leigh Stevens
Signals Greg Ross
Coxswain/ timekeeper John Spencer
Recorder Ross Wilson

Finish Boat - Bravo (Redeemer)

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Ben Fels
Recorder Geoffrey Grant
Recorder John Coates
Coxswain Ian Mather
Recorder Toney Nowell

Course Boat - Bravo (RB9)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Glenn Ferguson
Crew Glenn Norton

Pin Boat - Bravo (Avon Paterson)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Simon Tedstone
Crew Sat Damon Cook2
Crew Sun Rob Tyler

Safety Boat 1 - Bravo (SYC RIB-Kermit)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Martin Sly
Crew Sue Sly

Safety Boat 2 - Bravo (Sue Leaper)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Matt Johnson
Crew Jean Roux

Start Boat - Charlie SSCBC

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Peter Osborne
Timekeeper Martha Garkel
Recorder Andrew Merrett
Signals David Newbold

Finish Boat - Charlie (Fur now)

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Lou Hutton
Timekeeper Shane Quinland
Coxswain Simon Jackson

Course Boat - Charlie (Rattler)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Kate Jenkins
Crew Michael Bunyard

Pin Boat - Charlie (Peter Reid)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Paul Jenkins
Crew (Sun) Damon Cook
Crew (Sat) Tracey Baldwin

Safety Boat 1 - Charlie (VSSA)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain David Carew
Crew Sun PM Riz
Crew/Coxswain Joe Wilding
Crew Kristina Haese

Safety Boat 2 - Charlie (Jay Kay)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Ray Smith
Crew Joanna Suits
Crew Dominic Healy

Start Boat - Delta (Rat Race)

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Matthew Ross
Timekeeper Nick Chapman
Coxswain Mike Phelan
Signals James Heywood
Signals Malcolm Mitchell

Finish Boat - Delta (Grants Tinny)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Grant Berry
Timekeeper Nick Hutton
Recorder David Wyss

Course Boat - Delta (RGYC Cobia)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain John Paterson
Crew Sat Alexis Valenza
Crew Sun Trevor Gurr

Pin Boat - Delta (George Mac)

Position Volunteer
Crew (Sun) Fred Zappala
Crew (Sat & Sun PM) Tom Wilson
Crew Sat David De Garis
Crew Sun AM Unassigned

Safety Boat 1 - Delta (SYC RHIB- Peter Taylor)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Sat Alison Dale
Crew Sat Darren Wareing
Coxswain Sun Leigh Thorne
Crew Sun Kate Goss

Safety Boat 2 - Delta (SYC RHIB- Scarlet)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Sun Andrew Conacher
Crew Sun Cindy Zerbe
Coxswain Sat Glen Taylor
Crew Sat Steve Williams

Start Boat - Echo (Ferry)

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Francesco Battaglini
Recorder Paul Jackson
Signals James Heywood

Course/Safety Boat - Echo (Admiral Grumpy)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Martin Strode
Crew Ben Cowling

Safety Boat 2 - Echo (Andy P)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Kate Dunoon
Crew Vanessa Twigg

Safety Boat 3 - Echo (Terry M)

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Josh Brooks-Duncan
Crew Niesje Hees


Position Volunteer
Regatta Chairman Steven Ingram
Regatta Director David Staley
Safety Officer Gary Cook
Deputy Safety Officer Rod Mainland
First Aid Manager Kirsten Mitchell
PRO Paul Pascoe
Marina Bitch Sunday Paul Davies
Bus Driver Elizabeth Jenkins

Regatta Office

Position Volunteer
Office Manager Victoria Pryce
Registration/Enquiries Jennifer Pascoe
Registration/Enquiries Linda Siclari
Registration/canteen Kalpana Merrett
Registration/canteen Mandy Jackson
Canteen Sunday Megan Tedstone
Canteen Maree Ingram
Canteen Jacquelie Provis

Results Office

Position Volunteer
Results Manager Richard Geake-Ransome
Results Michelle Yan

Protest Committee

Position Volunteer
Chair Danielle Watkins
Jury Rob Ware
Jury John Philpot

Beach/Traffic Marshalls

Position Volunteer
Fri/Sat/Sun Traffic Marshall/Beach Master Gary Cook
Yard Master Jim Leckey
Yard Assistance Huw Provis
Yard/Beach Marshall Garry Pearson
Yard/Beach Marshall Linda Buhl
Marina Marshall Adam Harris


Position Volunteer
Safety Officer (Sat) Peter Austin
Safety Officer (Sun) Ron Clarke
Safety David Dyring
Safety Greg Hennessy


Position Volunteer
Catering Manager Caitlin Ingram
Functions Coordinator Courtney Jorgensen


Position Volunteer
Minibus Driver Elizabeth Jenkins

Spectator Boat 1

Position Volunteer
Trybooking- Sat Grant Dunoon

Spectator Boat 2

Position Volunteer
Sagred- Sat & Sun Michael Krutsch

Scouts Hall

Position Volunteer
Scouts Sat AM Mathew Geake
Scouts Fri Margaret Rowe
Scouts Fri Martha Garkel
Scouts Fri-Sat Anton Parker


Position Volunteer