Discover Sailing Day


Briefing:9:00am - Sunday 13th Nov 2016
Finish:4:00pm - Sunday 13th Nov 2016

Discover Sailing Day is our biggest opportunity to attract new sailors and members to the club. Last year saw 200 attendees and we are hoping for at least that again this year.
The briefing for all volunteers will be at 9am in the Bayview room.
T-Shirts will be provided for Meet and Greet, Tour Guides, Registration positions and Queue coordinators.
There will be a BBQ running and all volunteers will be given a lunch and drink voucher for helping.
On-Water activities will be running from 10.30am - 12.30pm and 1pm - 2.30pm. 
From 3pm will be pack up and taking down signs.

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Position Volunteer
Dinghy Lifejacket Coordinator Unassigned
Dinghy Queue Coordinator John Pritchard
RS Quest Tom Pearce
RS Quest Jeremy Nolan
Pacer Eliza Ewart
Pacer Unassigned
Cadet Unassigned

Bayview Room

Position Volunteer
New Registrations Linda Buhl
Check In Linda Siclari
Show Bag Distribution Rachel Griffith
Tour Guide 1 Unassigned
Tour Guide 2 Unassigned

Information Stands

Position Volunteer
Junior Representative Unassigned
Youth Representative Claire Pritchard
Transition Representative Unassigned
Keelboat Racing Representative Unassigned
Cruising Representative Unassigned
OTB Representative Unassigned
Social Representative Unassigned
Membership Representative Unassigned
BLISS Representative Unassigned
Discover Sailing Juliet Schilling
General Committee Vanessa Twigg


Position Volunteer
Elliot Queue Coordinator Unassigned
Yacht Queue Coordinator Unassigned
Redeemer Queue Coordinator Unassigned
RHIB ride Coordinator Oliver Strode
Information Booth Unassigned

On Water

Position Volunteer
Redeemer Master Ian Mather
Redeemer Crew David De Garis
RHIB Ride Master Unassigned
RHIB Ride Crew Rizwan Nasir
Pond RHIB Driver Ryan Ingram
Pond RHIB Crew Max bonano
Elliot Kathryn De Garis
Elliot Alan Richardson
Elliot Unassigned

Meet N Greet

Position Volunteer
Front Door Unassigned
Car Park Entrance Unassigned
Back Door/Yard Entrance Unassigned


Position Volunteer