Victorian Sabot Championships & OTB Spring Series


Briefing:8:30am - Sunday 20th Nov 2016
Finish:4:00pm - Sunday 20th Nov 2016

The Victorian Sabot Championships will comprise two races sailed in the morning and three races sailed in the afternoon in conjunction with the OTB Spring Series. 

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Start Boat - Harry Tedstone

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Simon Tedstone
Recorder Martha Garkel
Signals Jim Leckey
Coxswain Victoria Pryce

Course Boat - RB9

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Huw Provis
Crew Nick Chapman

Safety Boat - Sue Leaper

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Kate Jenkins
Crew Unassigned

Safety Boat - Admiral Grumpy

Position Volunteer
Coxswain Rob
Crew Steven Ingram